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March 24th 2020

Good morning everyone,


I wanted to let everyone know that I got the final results from the family and the entire family was NEGATIVE!!! I'm so relieved for them as I know how scary it must have been for them as well as how concerned all of us were.  I'm happy to know they are ok.


As everything is progressing at such a fast rate with this virus there is great uncertainty of the reopen date.  I'm sure everyone is like me trying to stay current with the country and the world.  I haven't been informed of any other family becoming ill, so i'm relieved that everyone is staying healthy and I know how hard it is to keep little ones occupied and close to a normal routine as possible, as difficult as it may be.  I miss all of our kids and families so much.  I know Steve is trying to work out the kinks with the LIVE check in and appreciate the effort as I'm sure all of you do as well. I will be asking the teachers in all the classrooms to upload lesson plans and activities to Bright wheel.  There is a link to access these items so you can keep these little minds engaged, curious, and busy. So keep an eye out by the end of the week in the app for this.


As we get closer to April and without a specific date on when the order will get lifted or possibly extended another month, the uncertainty of a reopen date is worrisome for us (paying bills for the school and staff).  I have been constantly looking for ways for us to get assistance from the government, state, etc, but unfortunately childcare facilities are in a gray area.  Stepping Stones is a small private center and doesn't qualify within the parameters of school districts and non-profit organizations for relief aide.  I'm working daily in regards to all possible avenues in regards to being able to reopen within the stipulations of the order.  I will do my best to update info as I receive it, otherwise I will be checking in with weekly updates.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything.  I'm doing my best in these trying times to find ways to get back to the grind.  

As hard as these times may be right now, enjoy this precious time with your children as am I.  If anyone has any information where small businesses (child care centers) can qualify for assistance please reach out so I can look into it.  Stay strong, Stay healthy, and We'll see each other soon (fingers crossed)!!!


Best Regards,


Mandy Gomez



UPDATE 3/16/2020

Good Afternoon, I have 2 matters to communicate with everyone. The first being that I received a phone call from a parent that their family is being swabbed for the COVID-19 virus and is being asked to self quarantine due to possible exposure. The results of the swab take 3-5 days to get back, so when I get the results of the swab I will notify everyone. I cannot reveal any information about the family or the classroom. It is in violation of every family's right to privacy. In light of this recent information along with the order from the county regarding shelter in place, the decision has been made to close the center, starting tomorrow, Tuesday March 17, 2020 for the 3 weeks discussed in the order. Unless otherwise informed, we will re-open on Monday April 6, 2020. During the next couple of days the staff here at Stepping Stones will be conducting a deep cleaning of the entire school. Your children's health and safety is our highest priority. If there are any further questions, as always please reach out. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Also, if there are any health changes or concerns with you or your child that occur during the time we are closed, please email me right away in the event I need to call the public health department. Best Regards, Mandy Gomez Director



UPDATE Sent 3/15/2020

Due to the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 and trying to do our best in keeping everyone healthy, parents will sign in and sign out children from the main door of the building on Crow Canyon Rd. There will be no more access from the gate next to the Bumble Bee Room. Upon entering the facility, A staff member will be receiving the children by the office and taking the child's temperature before the parent can leave. From there, the staff members will take the children to their respective classrooms. This goes for all classrooms. We are trying to limit unnecessary germs in the classrooms.

For pick ups:
The routine will be the same. Entering at the main door and if your child is in the Butterfly or Zoo Crew building, the teachers will be paged and either myself or another teacher will bring the child to the entryway. For the infant class for pick ups for now, please park in the parking lot by the infant room and knock on the window so Jessica can open the door and you can pick up your child from that door.

At 5:30 all children will be combined in the Bumble Bee room for one central location for pick up. All of their belongings will be brought over that need to go home. Please do not enter the classrooms. This will be the current procedure until we get an idea of what is going on with the containment of this virus. Our focus is keeping all of our children safe and healthy. We will adjust the protocols as needed. Thank you for your understanding. You may email me if you have any questions.





Update 3/15/2020

In regards to a child's temperature, We will send home a child with a temperature of 99.0. The return to school time frame of being fever free will change from 24 hours to 72 hours fever free with no medication. This also goes for drop offs, if a child has a temp of 99.0 we will not accept the child into the center and ask that they stay home until they have been 72 hours symptom free.

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